SmartASS Videos

The videos on this page were produced using a flight simulator connected to a mk2 SmartASS. The simulator sends airspeed and acceleration information to the SmartASS and the resulting audio output from the SmartASS is captured along with the simulation's window.

Using a simulator to drive the SmartASS was initially done while the product was being developed to make the development process quicker and cheaper. New ideas could be thoroughly evaluated using the simulator before being tried in a real aircraft.

Note: the audio quality on these videos is not as good as the real device!


This video simply shows the SmartASS being used in talking ASI mode during takeoff and the early part of the climb. Nothing exciting happens!

On Approach

This video shows how the speed director mode is used to help the pilot achieve a stable approach. It also shows how the SmartASS quickly detects increased wing loading (in this case due to abuse of the controls.)

† Videos recorded using DemoRecorder.

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