PB-2 Propeller Balancer

pb2 front

The balancer is a sophisticated electronic tool that measures the magnitude and phase angle of a propeller's vibration. The information is displayed on an LCD screen.

PB Display

The (simulated) screen shot on the right shows typical information displayed by the balancer during the balancing process.

The propeller RPM is 1845, the vibration magnitude is 0.1 Inches Per Second and the vibration phase angle is 65°.

The line from the centre of the display indicates the phase angle graphically.

The measured level of vibration is classified as 'good' (FAA definition).

The display can also show the vibration waveform in both XY and polar forms.

The balancer is designed to be very easy to use; vibration readings are captured with a single button press.

A built in polar chart function, the 'Polar Wizard', calculates the mass and position of the required balance weight.

PB Spectrum PB Spectrum

The balancer also features a spectrum analysis mode that can be used for cabin vibration surveys and general vibration troubleshooting.

The data may be displayed either graphically, as spectrum lines or numerically, as a list of peak values.

What you get

The PB-2 balancer kit comprises:

The only essential additional items required to carry out the balancing operation are the balance weights and (optionally) a mounting bracket for the vibration sensor if it cannot be directly attached to the front of the engine.


Full details of how the balancer is operated can be found in the user manual (last updated 29 December 2011).

Firmware Updates

The PB-2 firmware is easily updated - when they become available, firmware updates can be downloaded from here.

Polar Charts

If you need additional polar charts, here is one you can download, print out and use with the PB-2.

Polar Chart

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