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November 2023 - French company Vayavolo who provide Gyro rotor balancing and vibration trouble shooting services are now offering the possibility to rent a PB-4 for a short while. See their web page for more information.

August 2023 - Production of the PB-4 has come to an end. Customers will continue to be supported.

June 2023 - Production of the PB-4 and SmartASS-3 will soon come to an end. Customers will continue to be supported.

February 2023 - Smart Avionics is taking a 3 month sabbatical. No new orders will be accepted during this period but support for existing customers will be available.

January 2023 - PB-4 production has restarted but still subject to shortages and delays - currently working through the back orders.

December 2022 - Due to component supply problems, the Rotor Tip LEDs are no longer being manufactured.

November 2022 - Production of the PB-4 should restart in December 2022.

March 2022 - Landline phone number has been changed to +44 3302 236244.

January 2022 - The worldwide shortage of semiconductors has halted production of the PB-4, may not be available again until Q3.

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