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March 2022 - Landline phone number has been changed to +44 3302 236244.

January 2022 - The worldwide shortage of semiconductors has halted production of the PB-4, may not be available again until Q3.

February 2021 - Even though Brexit and the pandemic have slowed operations, Smart Avionics is still in business.

September 2018 - The viewer has been enhanced to provide a simulation of the PB-4 so it is now also a great training tool for learning about propeller and rotor balancing. Step by step tutorials are provided to get you up to speed.

June 2018 - new PB-4 online viewer lets you view previously captured data without the need to have access to a PB-4.

January 2017 - Happy New Year! - news about Smart Avionics products (SW updates, etc.) will now be announced on G+ and Twitter so follow either of those if you wish to be informed about new releases.

December 2016 - the PB-3 is no longer being manufactured. Naturally, all existing units will continue to be supported.

August 2016 - moved the SmartASS demo videos to You Tube so they should now be watchable on any device.

May 2016 - Available from July, the PB-4 is the next generation propeller/rotor balancer from Smart Avionics.

Product highlights are:

November 2015 - Magni Gyro have ordered another batch of PB-3s.

September 2015 - A French customer who flies a CH 7 helicopter made this video to show the results after balancing the rotor with a PB-3.

September 2015 - Smart Avionics is very pleased to annouce that the famous Italian gyroplane manufacturer Magni Gyro has chosen to use the PB-3 for rotor balancing in their European maintenance centres.

February 2015 - Smart Avionics has provided Solar Flight with a PB-3, now they can really experience low vibration, electric powered flight!

December 2014 - New product now available, Rotor Tip LEDs.

August 2014 - The SmartASS-3 is now available.

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